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Betatronix supports Boeing's Starliner

October 01, 2015

How One Component Makes a Difference for Boeing’s Commercial Crew Transport Spacecraft

"Good enough for government work" is a phrase that indicated a very high standard during the World War II era. If parts or equipment produced for the war effort were not "good enough for government work," they were rejected. At Betatronix we still follow that standard, which will make a huge difference for Boeing’s new Starliner.

In mission critical and flight safety systems there’s very little room for error, so when Betatronix was approached to support the Starliner Crew Space Transportation (CST) System with precision-controlled Robotic Arm Input Controls, we assembled a team of our brightest and most experienced engineers. 

The challenge: create a dual redundant position-sensing component that would survive the extreme rigors of space flight in a package size that reduced mass but still incorporated ultra-precise tracking and electrical performance specifications.
The Betatronix solution: After conducting extensive testing using our proprietary laser technology, we produced a component 28% smaller and lighter than typical components required to perform under intense vibration, temperature, and performance conditions.
The result is a .65-ounce component with tracking accuracies of less than 1% allowing for amazingly precise X/Y/Z control functions of the robotic arm.

Since 1966, Betatronix has continued to build on our heritage of space-flight-proven components. The scope of systems we support has grown from solar array drive mechanisms and robotic arms to satellite antenna pointers and reentry systems. And we are excited to be a part of such an important spacecraft project.
Ask one of our expert engineers to help you develop the ideal position-sensing components for your next project.