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A High-Function Thumbwheel Control in 90 days

August 20, 2014

See how Betatronix created a thumbwheel input control in 90 days

Creating an advanced, high-function, low-cost, easy-to use human-machine interface has its challenges. Doing it in 90 days might seem impossible.

Today’s most advanced systems use a variety of methods for translating human kinetic inputs into electrical signals. The goal of this interaction is effective operation and control of the machine on the user's end, and the use of feedback from the machine to aid the operator in making the smartest operational decisions. 

Recently, Betatronix was asked to redesign a thumbwheel input control to improve functionality of a Heads-up-Display system on a supersonic aircraft.
The main challenge associated with this project was to design an electro-mechanical device that would be:
Functionally robust 
Easy to operate
Easy to manufacture using the best aerospace grade materials available
Able to meet extreme military environmental standards 
Produced at the lowest possible cost

One other driving requirement was that the first qualification units had to be delivered within 90 days.
Leveraging our multi-disciplinary team of systems, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, and quality engineers, Betatronix developed 3-D solid models allowing accelerated fit and functional tests to be accomplished prior to releasing the materials and production orders.
Within six weeks, the first prototype units we assembled and tested. Final design modifications were incorporated into the qualification units, which successfully passed a battery of MIL-STD 810 environmental tests.
And we achieved customer acceptance within the 90-day development cycle goal, with full scale production planned for Q3CY2014.

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