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Will your business be affected by defense cuts?

January 17, 2013

How to cut budgets and not corners

With deep spending cuts in the defense industry looming on the horizon in March, all except the largest defense contractors are starting to shake in their boots. But those who follow the lead of heavy hitters like Boeing and Lockheed Martin, who have been aggressive about cost-cutting in preparation for down cycles, will survive any impending budget cuts. It’s something Betatronix has been helping companies in the defense and aerospace industries do for many years –
without cutting corners.

In both good economic times and bad, Betatronix has helped companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Sikorsky run lean. That doesn’t mean they’ve had to sacrifice in performance or reliability. In fact – just the opposite. What many in the defense industry are coming to realize is that there are alternatives to all things digital that offer the same amount of power, control, and precision.

Electromechanical devices have improved so much that they can compete with many of their digital counterparts, thus offering defense contractors – and ultimately the government – significant program savings.

Your company may ultimately be affected by defense cuts, but by taking appropriate steps, you can minimize the effects of those cuts on your bottom line.

To find out how to keep the budget lean on your latest projects, talk to one of our expert engineers or representatives.