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New performance limits in aerospace and beyond

March 08, 2012

Getting the right combination of accuracy and power

In the aerospace industry, there is nothing more important than performance and accuracy. Often the existing technologies fail to deliver the right combination of accuracy and power needed. But when it comes to potentiometers, there are fortunately a few ways engineers can confront this issue head on.

One of the most accurate but rarely utilized tools is a laser trimmer. Using a laser trimmer allows you to get as close to digital accuracy as possible. It’s a method we have been using with some of the world’s most prominent aerospace companies.

One such company approached us to design, develop and fabricate an arc segment potentiometer. The requirements for this project were particularly demanding, with stringent specifications for resistance, linearity and life expectations in a space environment. And the existing technologies weren’t producing the desired performance.

To exceed performance expectations and stay within a compact design, our team developed SolidWorks models and created prototype ceramic elements. Then, after discovering that existing carbon ink technology could not meet the critical specifications, we partnered with a leading carbon ink supplier. Together we developed new processes and print resistive inks. Finally, we used our laser trimmer with a high accuracy rotary and linear tables to exceed performance expectations. The project was a huge success.

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